Sharp: Original work by Jorge Sanhueza-LyonJorge


Who: DiverseArts Production Group
What: Art Exhibit and Gallery Talk
            Run of exhibit: October 3-31
Where: DiverseArts little Gallery
1705 Guadalupe, Suite 234
(512) 477-9438

(Open from 12 PM to 6 PM, Tuesday through Friday. Saturday by appointment only)




DiverseArts Little Gallery presents "Sharp," images of the jazz scene by Austin-based photographer Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon. Originally from Chile, Sanhueza-Lyon has lived in the United States for many years and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Documentary Photography from the University of Texas. For years, he has been a great fan of John Coltrane and Roy DeCarava, and has often photographed Coltrane in the past. Sharp is Sanhueza-Lyon's first showing of these new works, which he likes to think of as "jazzscapes".

Sharp opens on October 3rd at 7pm, giving a taste of what is to come on October 20 in the DiverseArts presentation of Katz's Austin Jazz and Arts Festival at Symphony Square.

Artist Statement

A still photograph is only that. It serves to capture a brief and often fleeting moment in time. With some luck and a little technical skill, a photographer can sometimes capture the essence of the collaboration that takes place in these fleeting moments. In these photographs I have attempted to do just that.

I have always been fascinated by Jazz. There is something magical that takes place between a Jazz musician and his/her audience. How I wish that as a child I had picked up a trumpet and fell in love with that instead of a camera. To this day, I have never performed a trumpet solo, I have never strummed a stand up bass. I have never sat in front a drum kit. But the performances that are depicted in these images still mesmerized me. In photographing them I have come as close to the essence of what it is that drives these musicians to push the medium that so inspires them. In emulating their drive to explore jazz, I have done the same with the photographic process. I hope that these images, my interpretations of Jazz, capture even a fraction of the beauty that I am trying to depict.

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon