Circle of Light

Tina Marsh, Alex  Coke, Lauren Kelly-Washington, Christian Fernandez, Susanna Sharpe, Bill Averbach, Randy  Zimmerman,
Russell Scanlon, Carla 'Nade Nickerson, Michael Stevens, Anna Maria Garcia, Tonico Vanalli, Sabrina Cummings,
 Coutinho, Seny Alseny, Chandra Washington, Anu Naimpally, Mohammed Firoozi, Oliver Rajamani. OWT, 2004

Sunday December 13, 3:00 PM
Boyd Vance Theatre @ George Washington Carver Museum
1165 Angelina Street, Austin, TX

Tickets Available at the Door:
$18 general admission, $12 children, students and seniors

Limited Seating, so early arrival is advised!

For perhaps the last time, the artists of Circle of Light (COL) a phenomenon envisioned and first produced by the beloved Tina Marsh over a decade ago, will present a public performance of Circle of Light. After our visionary leader passed away this year, it was uncertain what the future held for this wonderful performance work. It seemed unfathomable doing it without Tina, but eventually, we realized that we couldn’t let go of COL's message of hope, love, peace and cultural understanding; it's too timely and too important.  Very recently everything fell into place allowing this performance and a chance to bring our ‘family’ together at least once more.  Info follows. We hope to see you there!

Tina smiles at an Impromptu collaboration between shows, Hays Performing Arts Center, 2006
'Nade Nickerson

CIRCLE OF LIGHT is a multi-ethnic and multi-talented cast of performers--many with international acclaim--who come together once a year to offer a celebration of five holiday traditions from around the world.  CIRCLE OF LIGHT will enlighten, entertain, and delight with stories, song, dance, and more.  Featured are Christmas around the Americas (including Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, and the U.S.); the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah; the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa; the Hindu celebration of Diwali; and the Islamic observance of Ramadan.  Each observance, whether sacred or cultural in nature, is a fascinating  profoundly moving human ritual. 

Mohammed begins "N'sha Allah" at Tina's Memorial, 2009
Sergio Santos

CIRCLE OF LIGHT links these traditions through themes of light, hope, faith, joy, love, family and giving, while honoring the differences each traditions offers.  Languages throughout the performance include English, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Yiddish, French and more. JOIN US FOR THIS UNIQUELY MEMORABLE HOLIDAY EVENT!

For inquiries, contact CreOp at For more info about Tina Marsh and t