5D: Scapes

By: Amanda Schriver


Who: DiverseArts' New East Gallery
What: Photography and Painting Exhibit
When: February 28th 2009; 7-10pm
(Februrary 28 thru March 26, 2009)
Where: 1601 East 5th St. Suite 106; Austin, TX 78702
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12-6pm,
Monday and Saturday: By Appointment

DiverseArts is supporting young local artists with the opening of 5D: Scapes at New East Arts Gallery in East Austin. Exhibiting artists include: Amanda Schriver, Rhiannon Stauffer, and Jordan Crosby who are past and present attendees of St. Edward's University with majors in Photocommunications. The show also features Emily Ng who obtained her BFA from the University of Texas at Austin, and Lauren McMurray who graduated from Texas State University with a degree in fibers and textiles.  In 5D: Scapes these artists explore: visual, emotional, narrative, psychological, and natural landscapes through photography and painting.
Emily Ng deals with visual interpretations of the psychological landscape through captured images of the banal. Formal aspects of texture, line, and light coalesce into glorified scenes of tragedy and resurrection.

Lauren McMurray explores recycled processes through collage and painting by using found textiles, trash scraps, and yarn to create murky, narrative landscapes. She starts a landscape foundation with which to later pull unusual portraitures of hidden women; luring them out with extra paint and charcoal penciling.

Amanda Schriver pairs a series of surreal photographs visualizing the unusual vibrancy of natural and man-made forms; juxtaposing saturated color hues with a visually narrative counterpart.

By: Rhiannon Stauffer

Rhiannon Stauffer uses a keen, talented eye for seizing the unadulterated moments of nature. The complexity of her photographs captures the multi-faceted layers of natural environments, done almost entirely with little or no alteration to the image.

Jordan Crosby is a photographer with extensive experience photographing the emotional pull of humanity. Her work includes documentary work from China and Ecuador creating emotional landscapes, which traverse her innate ability to reproduce the essence of an individual through photography.

    We hope you join us on February 28th from 7-10pm for the opening of 5D: Scapes. This is a show not to be missed.  It is a great way to support young and local artists.